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Here are a few things our clients are saying about us...


January 27, 2015 
“I have been using Inspection Associates now going on 13 years. I keep coming back to the company due to the personnel that they have supplied for inspection and monitoring requirements. I have also used expertise in welding for startup and completion of welding procedures that needed to be developed for specific projects. The personnel are very experienced, are of a great asset to have during project kickoff meetings and are able to handle day to day communications with myself and supplier of equipment for scheduling of inspection activities. Reports are well written and documented. I will continue using Inspection Associates.”

Bob S.
Conoco Phillips / Off Shore Division

February 24, 2015 
“…. The summary opinion from their management and shop personnel was that your inspector handled himself like a professional and was knowledgeable about all of the requirements and processes involved. They also mentioned that it was refreshing to work with an inspector that was inclined to be helpful and not just stand there and look for ways to shut the job down. This is the kind of help we asked for in the beginning and it looks like we got it. “

Darren M.
Project Manager /Flow Treatment
FMC Technologies


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