Project/Inspection Services  


Inspection Associates has a professional and diverse staff with decades of combined experience capable of providing inspection services to match each client’s specific requirements and needs.   


Project Management

QMS Based Programs,  Quality Team Plan,  Project Inspection & Test Plan,  Process Description With Job Description & Deliverables, Process Flow/Interaction Diagrams Control   Documentation Deliverables, Document Matrix,  Daily Reports, Weekly Reports

Construction Management 

Project leader assigned to manage day-to- day project duties.

Project execution plan complete with specific project technical specifications, budgets, schedules and projections.



Inspection Personnel Include:

Project Manager      Electrical Inspector

Chief Inspector     Asst. Chief Inspector

Utility Inspector Environmental Inspector

Office Manager   AWS-CWI Inspector

Welding Inspector  

NACE Level I, II, III Coating Inspector

Materials Inspector  QA/QC  Health/Safety


Services provided for pipeline construction, facilities, compressor stations, fabrication, measurement & regulation facilities, launchers & receivers, hydrostatic testing.


On-Site Inspection / Vendor Surveillance 

Inspection provides a degree of added confidence that a supplier's materials, fabrication and testing comply with specifications, codes and standards.


Integrity Services  

  • Investigation of cracking defects in longitudinal welds, corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, and mechanical damage.
  • External and internal metal loss mapping with B31G/ RSTRENG calculations.
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